Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A satchel is a bag often with a strap. That's the definition of a satchel according to Wikipedia. When I noticed that a blogger friend posted this in Facebook, I wasted no time in joining. I just love satchels and any bag for that matter. This particular VDAY GIVEAWAY from imperfectLei.org inspired me to write a blog about these CAMBRIDGE-INSPIRED SATCHEL BAGS.

Look at the attractive colors and sturdy quality of these satchels. I'm sure these would go well with any outfit from any girl's wardrobe and the light brown satchel would surely enamor any guy. This valentine's day giveaway is so heart stopping. I can't wait  for the winner to be announced. I hope it's me.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Whether by
strange coincidence
or divine guidance
in the course of our life
we cross paths with
many people.

Some move towards us,
others move away.
Some we choose to remember,
others to forget.

But with a special few
we seem to have no choice,
for each has made an impact
on the other, and their
memory will live on forever.

These people we call friends.
You, to me, are such a one.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Tips

Here are twenty tips for better living in the New Year:

 1. Rise and pray every day: "Again today, dear God, I
     commit and trust my life and way to you. I'm available.
     Please use me to be 'as Jesus' to every life I touch."
 2. Don't sweat the small stuff.
 3. Remember these simple sentences: "I was wrong."
     "I am sorry." "Please forgive me." "Thank you." Say
     them whenever needed and say "I love you" often—
     whether needed or not.
 4. Come apart and rest a while before you come apart—
     stress is a killer.
 5. Remember, "Nothing changes if nothing changes."
 6. Don't nurse grudges: "Failing to forgive is like drinking
     poison and waiting for the other person to die."
 7. Carpe diem. Seize the day. "Opportunity comes to
     pass—not to pause."
 8. Quit the blame-game—"choice, not chance, determines
 9. Control your thinking or your thinking will control you.
     "What the mind dwells on the body acts on."
10. Invest your life in a worthwhile cause by having a
     noble purpose for which to live—one that is bigger than
     yourself—one that will help make your world a better
     place in which to live.
11. Be a positive realist. You will always see what you are
      looking for: "Two men look out the same prison bars.
      One sees mud, the other stars."
12. The greatest abilities are availability, dependability,
      and responsibility."
13. "There is no pillow as soft as a clear conscience."
14. "Smooth seas never make skillful sailors."
15. When God is silent. "I believe in the sun even when it
      isn't shining. I believe in love even when I am alone.
      I believe in God even when he is silent."
16. Cry when needed. "Every unshed tear is a prism
     through which all of life's hurts are distorted."
17. Laugh a lot. It's still the best medicine.
18. Remember, "The bumps are what we climb on."
19. Fear not. At least 95 percent of the things we fear
     never happen. Trust God for the other five percent.
20. Have faith and put God first with your time, talents,
     and tithe (money).

~Dick Innes