Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Meteor Garden

I went gaga over this series. A Taiwanese romantic comedy drama about F4 and a girl named Shancai(pronounced Shansay). It chronicles the experiences of Shancai, a student in Ying De College owned by the parents of the F4 members, Daoming Si, Huaze Lei, Ximen and Meizuo. My favorite part of the story is Daoming Si and Shancai's love story. I feel giddy when it's their scene. The producers really tickle the viewers with their love story. 

Even though it was made in 2001, it still holds fresh in this day and age. The story is timeless. Boy meets girl. Girl doesn't like boy. Boy develops feelings for girl. Girl falls in love with the Boy. Even though it's typical, I still feel giddy. Shancai played by Barbie Hsu is so believable in her portrayal. Daoming Si played by Jerry Yan is so handsome and also played his part well. I especially liked the part where Daoming Si was searching for Shancai and he left a bunch of messages on her phone and when Shancai played his voice messages, Daoming Si suddenly appeared and they embrace. Giddiness to the highest level. Another part I liked was when Shancai blocked the smashing of a chair on Daoming Si's body with hers. Scream! 

I finished Season 1 and Season 2 in a span of 4 days. That was 27 episodes for season 1 and 31 for season 2. Phew but it was worth it. I even started watching the episodes again. I don't like season 2 at all because Daoming Si lost his memory in an accident and he forgot about his past. Even Shancai. Though there was the part where Shancai worked in Daoming Si's company and Daoming Si also worked there. Shancai really tried hard to get close to him again. I thought they would but they didn't. In the last part Daoming Si regained his memory and dumped Ye Sha, the one who got Daoming Si in an acciddent and became his fiancee. I shed tears mind you. The setting for Season 2 was in Barcelona. It revolved around 2 rings which they both eventually wore at the end. Sigh. 

Here are some pictures I got from the net.

It was a really successful series in that ABSCBN, a station in the Philippines even made an encore. They showed it 2 times on TV. I could not get over Meteor Garden. No worries coz I could just review the episodes I love in YouTube.  Here's a series of scenes between the 2 characters I love.

I hope you enjoyed my tirade. Watch out for more...