Friday, October 30, 2015

Da Vinci's Demons Season 3

It's been a while since the last season. In fact, it's been a year. I was really looking forward to this season because the season finale for season 2 left me wondering. The first episode was breathtaking I couldn't wait to finish. I saw the season finale for season 3 last night. It didn't leave me hanging this time. 


This season was about defeating the Ottomans or the Turks. In Season 2's  last episode, the Turks were attacking an Italian citadel, I forgot its name. Da Vinci devised a machine that could throw cannons to their enemies even from a far distance. It turns out that a son of Mithras, a Turk, I forgot his name as well, could read his mind. So the Turks created prototypes of his designs and improved them thus defeating De Medici's cohorts. Lorenzo de Medici, the leader of Florence (a city in Italy), was captured as a result. I initially thought that Da Vinci's mother was an ally of the Turks, but she was in chains and they were using her to defeat the Italians. She was helping her son, by the way, and the show revealed Da Vinci has a sister who was herself gifted. Her mother communicated to her through telekinesis, if there was such a thing during those times, the 14th century. She told Sophia, Da Vinci's sister to help her brother defeat the Turks. And so she did. She could read a page from the book of leaves. If you have also been following this show, you would know about the book of leaves.

This page is enchanted because one reader sees a different thing while another also sees a different thing but they're both connected. That's what happened to Sophia and Da Vinci. Sophia saw a contraption like a bird with no head that was flying but tied to something. Leo saw a series of wheels turning. The siblings proceeded to create the machine. When the wheels are turned while the kite like apparatus was tied to it and the weather was cloudy, it produces a sort of electricity and shoots out lighting or current and blows it up.

They also discovered that they could concentrate the blast and spread it via an armor from the castle of Dracula. Yes. Dracula is in this show. His name is Vlad the Impaler who is the brother of the Ottoman's commander. Nicely done. I commend the show's writers, they really know how to spin a tale. Towards the end, Leo urged the fighters to surrender and take off their armor. Yes the armor from Dracula's castle. They piled it up at the center and voila. When Lucrezia, tossed up the kite towards the clouds and Sophia turned the wheels, spurts of electricity flew. It found the pile of armor and shoot electricity to whoever still wore the armor. Yes. The Turks still wore their armor stolen from Dracula. They stole one and copied the design. Thus, the Turks were defeated. The Italians won.

I forgot to mention Gerolamo Riario, Count Riario in the show. The architect, aroused the crowd to try him. Make him speak his defense even if he admitted to killing Clarice Orsini, Lorenzo's wife, Bishop Rodrigo, a manager of a house of ill repute in Florence and many others. He succumbed to his madness even if Leo already cured him. He killed Pope Sixtus.

I also noticed that they mentioned the F word a lot. I wondered whether that word was already available during that century. And Lucrezia Donati, the daughter of the twin brother of Pope Sixtus (this twin brother was the true pope by the way), wore pants or breeches as what they called it. I didn't know women could wear pants during that time.

Anyway, the show was great. I didn't have to wait long to download the 10 episodes of Season 3. They were already available. I think it was a leak. Well, I'm glad there was a leak. I finished watching because I couldn't help it. It was exciting. I wonder what they will think of next? For Season 4, I mean. I hope it's as exciting as season 3.