Saturday, February 25, 2012

LensVillage Blog's First Giveaway!

This giveaway is really grand. I positively affirm its grandness. The prizes are a pair of Geo Grang Grang lenses, a cute animal lens casing and a piece of Korean facial mask. The brand name speaks for itself. Grang grang geo coloured contact lenses is a well known brand. A lot of people use it because they're soothing and of course colorful. Wearing these will make one look more awesome than they really are. It makes your eyes beautiful. It's the top selling model in many Asian countries. So winning a pair would be really grand! The mechanics for joining is very easy. Just click on the link below.

So what are you waiting for? Visit LensVillage now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giveaway Alert: Win P1,000 Worth of GC’s From Francesca & Asianvogue!

Giveaway Alert: Win P1,000 Worth of GC’s From Francesca & Asianvogue!

Hey loveys! Thank you so much for supporting my last giveaway! If the response will be really good (again) I’m thinking of making this as a monthly thing! This is just my little way to thank you for the support you’ve given my blog and for sticking with me during my first months of blogging. :) I’m really motivated to write more helpful entries for you in the future! Now, on to the giveaway!

Who wants P1,000 worth of gift certificates from one of my favorite online shoe stores, Asianvogue? Join now! You deserve a brand new pair to add to your collection! Just follow the following steps to win!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Lipgloss Love Affair

Rarely does any blog offer a complete package. Lipgloss love affair blog is offering its bloggiversary giveaway in true blue complessimo. Look at the image below, what more can the winner ask for? 
Winner will take home these prizes

From makeup to shower gel, lip balm, perfume spray and flat iron (hair). Indeed the winner will feel like the winner she is. These assortment of prizes will surely entice any woman to join like me. Wait, there's more. Mask, cream, peach soap and cleansing oil adds a satisfied finish to the array of juicy beauty products. Every woman dreams of owning these beauty regimen products. I just can't wait for 23 days. But then again, the long wait will allow me to add more entries to join. I do hope I win. I am inviting you all to read the mechanics by clicking on the link below and join in Lipgloss Love Affair's Bloggiversary Giveaway.

Crazy Pop Lock's 1st International Giveaway

Just fill in the form which is down below. 
Winners will be chosen from website. 
Its kind of like a "Lucky Draw" kind of thing so if you see the +1 sign with the questions then you can fill in the form that many times. That way you have more chances of winning it rather then filling it just once.

This giveaway will end when I will have 500Followers in my blog. 
More giveaway prizes will be added to this INTERNATIONAL giveaway later on. 

PRIZE: 1Miniature Dior Poison Perfume and 1 Rose Garden Moisturizing Soap Bar from TreLivings which is MADE IN AUSTRALIA. 
I am adding another item to my 1st INTERNATIONAL giveaway post here. So, one lucky winner will win this adorably cute PANDA BEDROOM SLIPPERS!! 
P.S - This one I will be directly buying it from an online store and will mail it to that winner's address. 
So, please spread the word people! Fill in the form to participate!! 
^_^ Click the link below for the form.


Be one of three winners to win a pair of Berlin flats! Joining is simple! Just
  • Like the Sheena Loves Sunsets & Tribute Shoes FB page! You gotta “like” BOTH!
  • Comment on any of the photos in the Berlin album with your Tumblr name and why you would absolutely love to have a pair!
  • Reblog this post!
Make sure you do all three things; like, comment and reblog! Don’t forget to put your Tumblr name on the comment as well! Very important! Contest ends on February 20, 2012!

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