Thursday, June 14, 2012


It has been a few days since I last blogged. The reason is that I was busy going back to work. You may recall that I am a teacher at one of the most prestigious universities in Mindanao. Enrolment duty. First day of classes and preparing my kids for school. Cooking breakfast and lunch at the same time. I'm sure all mothers out there can relate. Now I have time to write my thoughts since it's a holiday here in CDO. Charter day. Wooohoooo! I have an ongoing giveaway but there's a problem with the rafflecopter widget. Cry. Good thing I have transferred the entries to excel. Phew! The giveaway ends this monday. I am concocting a new giveaway. I bought a dress from Cheapest Stuff that you readers will surely love. I love it too.
I'm bracing myself for work on Monday. Thank God I have work. Anyway, the day is young, a lot can still happen. Always remember that there is a higher power who loves and cares for us no matter what. I'm grateful for all the blessings He has showered upon me. I hope you are too. Well, stay tuned for my next giveaway. 

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