Thursday, July 26, 2012

nTrust - remit money without waiting

This photo was taken at a theater in the place where
I work while people were lining up for snacks outside. 
If you want to avoid long line-ups go to

I really loathe waiting in line be it in a shopping mall, in the ATM or any transaction that involves long line-ups. Who wouldn't be?  To quote the description of nTrust: It is the first global network that lets you, your friends, and family send money to the Philippines. It also includes receiving money in a drove of currencies, in any amount, at any time, anywhere on this planet. Wait, there's more -- it all happens instantly. That's right. No waiting. No long line-ups. No hassle. The next time someone asks you how to transfer money to the Philippines: nTrust. Or maybe a loved one who is tired of waiting in line to remit money to the Philippines asks you to change means of sending money, you answer nTrust. Go to It's so easy and fast too.

Another thing about nTrust is, if the sender and receiver are both nTrust members, they offer free transactions! Get that? FREE! Wow! I like that. I'm sure you like that too. They're the only platform that offers a perk like that. 

They also have bank level encryption which is up to today's standards in security. You are assured your money is safe and protected. 

So get these three descriptions of nTrust: Quick, cost effective and safe. Tired of long line-ups? Go to Sign up. It's free.


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