Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hitman Agent 47

I love this movie. It's a class A movie for me. I literally gasped during certain action sequences. There was a lot of Whoa! coming from me. I guarantee that you will enjoy watching this movie.

I love this part right here. Although I think it was impossible in real life but he pulled it off in the movie. The terms "with guns blazing" come to mind. Literally. Although I didn't like the female lead. She looked too old. Older than  the male lead. The plot calls for a younger woman. They should have looked for a younger woman. The woman in the photo below played Katia, the woman who was looking for her father. It turns out, she was gifted with superpowers. She can foresee what will happen next and she can get out of trouble by herself.

                                         Hannah Ware, an English model and actress.
They made up for the lackluster female performer with breathtaking action. High tech gadgets were emphasized. Wow! When the bad guys came tumbling down from the railings of the inside of a building. Wow! When the vehicle where Zachary Quinto (plyed John Smith the villain) was on the passenger side capsized. Wow! I am enumerating my favorite scenes from the movie. It should have been Ryan Reynolds who played Agent 47. Sigh. Although Rupert Friend was an 8 compared to Ryan Reynolds' 10 as an agent. Insert smiley here.

Anyhow, the movie turned out fine. Love the action. I give it 4 stars. More photos here.

                   The photo above shows the scene where he got out of the handcuffs. 
                                                             Happy reading...

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