Wednesday, December 5, 2012

International Christmas Giveaway

Hello chikas! Christmas is just around the corner. December is breezing past. 
I can hear Christmas music wafting through the air everywhere 
I go around the city. Children are caroling from house to house. 
When you go to the mall, a lot of christmas decorations are being sold. 
When I go around my neighborhood, many houses are lit with 
colorful lights and christmas lanterns hung from the ceiling. Everybody seem 
to have this festive spirit. Yep. It's almost Christmas. I am honored to have 
Firmoo as the sponsor for my blog's Christmas giveaway. Yipee! I am so happy! 
Wait, let me take a moment to bask in this moment of typing this giveaway. Done. 
Now let's get on with it. I'm going to choose 25 winners to receive one 
$20 voucher each to be spent on Firmoo. 
Well? I'm so happy for you dear readers. 
Now hurry up and join because this contest ends on December 15. 
Why? Because the voucher should be spent before 
December 25 midnight. 
After that, the voucher is invalid. It cannot be used anymore. 
Click the photo below for my facebook rafflecopter app.

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