Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Fashion Inspiration

I have been so busy so I've been on hiatus for months. I missed writing in this blog so I am writing now. I have been browsing my bloglovin email and I found these posts from I was so inspired by what I saw that's why I am dedicating this post to the author of that blog. I didn't like all of the pieces so I just chose what I really liked. Please post your comments below if you also like what I chose. You can always view the entire collection in Fashion Salade's blog whichever you prefer. Let's start with Elie Saab. I didn't know that this was a guy. I mean 'Elie' is a woman's name. I was so surprised that the owner of the collection is a guy. Here are the pieces I liked from his collection.

I particularly like the maroon dress coz it looks elegant and the detailing is fresh or young looking. The second dress I chose is dark blue, the skirt is sheer fabric such that it flows when you walk. I love the detailing of the top portion. It has a slimming effect. Now here's what Elie Saab looks like.

Next selection is from Emanuel Ungaro, a French fashion designer. The short dress is cute and youthful in mustard yellow, black and blue straps with a slit at the left paired with black dotted boots.

The next three pieces is from Kenzo Takada, a Japanese fashion designer. They're colorful in cute patterns, structured yet youthful, can be worn in formal or casual occasions. In short, these pieces are preppy, I like them. I can see myself wearing these.

The next pieces are from Philipp Plein, a German fashion designer. I practically drooled at the following pieces. The first one looks sexy yet not giving too much away. This is good for a night out. The next piece is somewhat formal with the fur coat/blazer. Eventhough it's that, it still exudes a youthful flair. I love it.

Last selection is from Stella McCartney. The first one is an oohlala piece.It is curve hugging with a high slit at the left side. It's knee-length by the way so you will not have difficulty walking. I'd say it's an evening wear. The second piece is casual with an off shoulder long sleeved top and loose pedal pants. You can pair this with slippers.

 Well how about it? Please tell me what you think. Ciao for now. Happy Black Saturday.

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