Saturday, May 4, 2013

Leggings from ROMWE

My boss handed me a piece of paper last friday.  He gave it to me matter of factly. I mean while he was saying something else, he handed it to me. It was a note from the post office saying I have a parcel that needs picking up. Php 50 was also wriiten in front. I ignored it but when I got to the post office to claim the parcel, the woman in charge asked me to pay Php 50. I asked what for? And she said "customs". What the... I just handed her a Php 50 bill so that was the end of it. I signed in the log book and I left with my parcel. It was from ROMWE. I was expecting it of course.

I felt happy when I opened it of course. Who wouldn't be. It was free. I chose this from ROMWE's wide array of selection.

Here are photos of me wearing this  pair. I opted for a half body shot to emphasize the beauty of the leggings. I'm sorry for the quality. These photos were taken at night.

I love my leggings! You will too, if you go to and buy yourself a pair. They're comfortable and they fit me perfectly.

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  1. I love ROMWE too!