Monday, June 3, 2013

Billboard Music Awards 2013

This event is truly the most wonderful, magical, star studded music event of the year. I have watched the Grammy awards too but nothing compares to the Billboard music awards. This year, Madonna was awarded the Top Touring Artist of the year. Way to go M! Though I did not like her outfit that much. 

That's not the right outfit for such a prestigious occasion. Just look at Taylor Swift. 

Now isn't she lovely? And here's another two when she performed her single "22". Her performance was great in that she started singing somewhere backstage and ended on the stage. Wow! It was electrifying. 

She was the top awardee because she nabbed 8 awards including top artist and top 200 album for "Red"

Taylor Swift overshadowed the 'Bieb" (Justin Bieber) who only bagged 3 awards. The latter was also booed by the crowd when he made his 'thank you' speech for the Billboard Milestone award. That award was voted by fans.

Another thing I liked about this event was Selena Gomez' performance of her new single 'Come & Get It'. I didn't know she could dance. She was awesome.

And she wore this gorgeous white Versace Atelier gown on the blue carpet.

Nice! This event also featured lots of good music that I love. Christina Aguilera and Pitbull with their collab song "Feel This Moment". J.Lo and Pitbull's "Live It Up". What I don't like is the Bieb's performance. It was a dull moment for me. Sorry to his fans. It's just my opinion. I also don't like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. I know she's got a bigger backside than J. Lo but she doesn't have to grind it in front of everyone. I mean 'hello' . 

All in all, the event was a total success.

I'm looking forward to next year's Billboard Music Awards.

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  1. i love taylor!!! and she definitely deserve those awards!