Sunday, May 25, 2014

Billboard Music Awards 2014

Good day readers! This year's event surpassed last year. The Billboard Music Awards this year featured some spectacular performances from the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Yep. Michael Jackson. You know he already passed away and yet they were able to bring him. back. I'll write more about this later. 

I'll start with the opening act. I didn't like it. Pitbull's music wasn't up to par on that song and J. Lo well, she's good but the music lacked the pomp and boom I was looking for in an opening act. This is just my opinion. You can judge for yourself when you watch it. However, the effects on the screen were awesome. The timing was on cue like when the ball hit J Lo's backside. Wow, I love it. They were joined by Brazil's Claudia Leitte.

Now it's ime to write about what the celebs wore. Not all of them but those I only liked. I'll start with Jordin Sparks. I liked what she wore, a dress by Michael Costello.

J. Lo also looked amazing although at first I thought she was Dracula's mistress. I liked how her hair was let loose down her shoulders and her dress had slits at the side which showed her great gams. She was wearing Donna Karan. She won the music icon award. These were the only artists whose clothes I liked during the event. The rest weren't that eye catching.

Imaagine dragons won five awards including the top 100 artist. They became my favorite group since last year. I especially like their song "radioactive".

The absence of notable music artists such as Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez was compensated by Katy Perry's Performance. It was breathtaking I tell you. She wore a very colorful outfit as well as her backup dancers. She swung on a swing on top of the stage. Wow. I was in awe. It looked like she was hoisted by a bunch of balloons. Yep, she was.

Now I'm going to write about Michael Jackson's appearance via a hologram! I mean it really looked like he was there. Amazing! 

He performed "Slave to the Rhythm" which was not bad. I liked it. His performance was electrifying, I mean for a hologram. This will definitely go down in the history books. I'm glad I was part of this history coz I got to watch it. I wonder what Billboard Music Awards will do next year. I will keep you posted.

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