Sunday, November 6, 2016

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Spoiler Alert!

This is the movie adaptation from the book with the same title shown below.

I watched it last Saturday via online streaming. It was amazing. The movie's story had me glued to my laptop. I couldn't stop watching. At first, I was afraid because the grandpa was killed by a hollow, no eyes. It was horrifying. However, I got over my fear. I was overcome by the amazing story line, gorgeous special effects and cute lead actor. Asa Butterfield has grown up. He's cute.

I like the story's backdrop. September 3, 1943. Cairnholm Island near Wales. The children did not grow old. They are in a time loop because Miss Peregrine created one during this date due to a bomb being dropped by the enemy. 

There was a part where I shed a few tears because Miss Peregrine had to sacrifice herself for the safety of the children. She turned into a Peregrine falcon and entered a cage to be carried by the villain, Baron (played by Samuel L. Jackson) to Blackpool. He was going to conduct an experiment to make him and his kind immortal using the Ymbrynes. Miss Peregrine is an Ymbryne. Baron is a wight. He disguised himself as Jacob Portman's Psychiatrist Dr. Golan. Jacob or Jake played by Asa Butterfield embarked on this adventure because he was told by his grandfather about an island where a Miss Peregrine cares for peculiar children.

There was a scene where Emma took Jake to her underwater secret place. It was amazing. It was a sunken ship during the war. Since her power is to control the air, she blew the water from the inside of the ship so there was air to breathe. I like this part very much.

The part where they defeated the hollowgasts was also something that I liked. Another one is where the children helped each other to defeat the wights. The other hollowgasts with human forms. The twins' power turned one of the wights to stone, she fell and broke into pieces. Wow. 

You should watch this movie. You will miss out if you don't. I rate this movie 5 stars. Below are some pictures from the movie.

The picture below are the kids getting ready to fight a hollowgast.

The picture below is that of a hollowgast or hollow. It eats the eyes of peculiar children.

The picture below is Baron. The peculiar wight evil villain in the movie.

The picture below shows one of my favorite scenes from the movie.

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