Monday, January 25, 2016


Let me just start with this: There is only ONE WAY and HE IS JESUS. This movie was truly remarkable. It's about the racial discrimination of blacks by the whites. The setting was in Woodlawn located in Baltimore county Maryland USA. It's the name of a public high school, where integration was required by the pres. of the US. Integration of blacks and whites in the same school. As such, there were blacks playing with the whites in high school football. 

It's a Christian drama. I found it Miraculous that the entire Woodlawn football team became Christians. God is truly amazing. The Huffman football team their adversaries in football also became Christians. The Holy Spirit worked through Hank Erwin, who is the father of the directors of the movie, the Erwin Brothers. I cried a lot during the movie. I'm such a softie. I didn't know that there was a Jesus Revolution in 1973. 

Going back to the movie, it's also about Tony Nathan who shone because of Jesus in his life. He was a running back of the University of Alabama. He runs so fast. He was scouted by Bear Bryant (Jon Voight) in the movie to play for his team. But before he came to play for the big leagues, he was a high school football superstar and a Christian. Nic Bishop (Tandy Gerelds)plays the coach of the high school and he was the one who recognized Tony Nathan's talent. He allowed him to play amidst complaints from the whites. Th football game is quite exciting as well. I found myself shouting and cheering Tony Nathan to run faster to the goal. 

The movie is very inspiring. It's about God's miracle of uniting different people. It's about hope, love, forgiveness and never giving up. It's a must watch movie. Just prepare your hankies both for your eyes and noses.

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