Friday, January 15, 2016

90 Minutes in Heaven

This movie is about a pastor who met an accident and died. It's so heartwarming and it really touched my heart. Another minister who was held up by the pastor's accident went forward and asked the medic if he could go to the pastor's car and pray for him. He reasoned within himself that God wanted him to pray for Pastor Don Piper even if he was already pronounced dead. He went inside the trunk and bent the chair and touched his shoulder and prayed for him. And Don Piper lived. 

During his death, he was brought to this light place, he thought it was heaven and there he was shown different people, some young, some old. He didn't understand it.

When he was awake, he was brought to the hospital of course. His family had great difficulty with the kids and with money for his hospitalization. he stayed long in the hospital because, he could not walk. His wife stayed by his side. When it came for him to come home, his wife had to work and he was left in the house but his wife formed a Don Patrol composed of members of his church who took turns watching over him. The when he was strong enough to stand up and walk, he went to church. There he found someone just like him, couldn't walk and seemed to be having the same struggles as he did while he was recovering in the hospital. He walked over to that young man and talked to him. God gave him a revelation. He was brought back because he could help people with the same struggles he had. It turned out the people he saw when he was in heaven were the people he would help and there were many. 

God truly works in mysterious ways. He has a purpose for everything that is happening in our lives. Watch the movie and be thankful for what God is doing in your life. I know I am. This movie is also a drama so prepare for tears.

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