Saturday, April 21, 2012

Miss April's Birthday Giveaway

The thing about giveaways is that you never know if you win or lose. To me, that doesn't matter because joining giveaways makes me happy. I enjoy joining one giveaway after another. The interesting part is that out of the many entries submitted and let's say my entry was selected, yey. That would be a blast! I'd surely feel ecstatic. In bliss even. It's quite exciting don't you think? It's like I'm in a rush to finish submitting so that I earn a chance to win. I know because I've joined quite a number of giveaways and not to carry my own chair, but I've won 3 times. Yey! So here's another giveaway from Miss April which I opted to join. It's very easy really. She used a rafflecopter widget. Click HERE to join and get a chance to win her birthday giveaway. Look at the photo below to see what's in store for the winner. I'd love to win but then again who doesn't? What are you waiting for? Join Now.

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  1. hi!:)
    I have a giveaway running if you are interested.. :)