Sunday, April 22, 2012

Up for Make-up Beauty Bag Giveaway

I think all women love make-up. They emphasize what asset you have in your face 

and make you look beautiful and sexy. Make-ups are not just for the face. There's 

makeup for the whole body as well. Onto the giveaway. Ms. Georgia Agbayani's 

Beauty Bag Giveaway is just fabulous. There's a pink bag and a purple bag. Let's look 

at the pink  bag first.

There are lots of items inside for the whole body. I can see a palette, body cream 

and a whole lot more.  Click HERE for a complete list of items inside the pink 

beauty bag.

Now for the purple beauty bag. As you can see they contain practically the same

items except for the fact that this bag contains 1 more item than the pink one. So if I 

were you I'd click THIS so that you will get a chance to win these fabulous beauty 

bags. I hope I win! Wink.

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